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Stéphanie Bénéteaurepertoire
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stories for adults

Pandora’s Box

Stéphanie opens the story box and tells Greek myths, Québécois legends, and Italian folklore, all of which escape from the mythical box to enchant your ears. A journey through story land in search of the winged creature waiting at the bottom of the box.

Tristan and Iseult

Erotic passion and murderous rage wage war with each other in this medieval love story that will keep you on the edge of your seat to the very last moments of entrancing sweetness. King Marc of Cornwall, his red-haired Irish wife Iseult and his beloved nephew Tristan navigate between danger and delight to their tragic end, accompanied by a cast of servants, dwarves and lepers who add color and humour to this medieval classic.

Download Tristan and Iseult presentation brochure (pdf)

Naughty stories for consenting adults

The first heroine is locked behind seven doors by her jealous husband but still finds a way to pleasure. The second, in search of justice, encounters a fetishist vizier and a masochistic king. The third disguises herself as a man but cannot shake the attentions of a love-sick monarch. These are not stories your mother told you! In these deliciously clever and erotic stories you will meet women who are afraid of neither love nor power.

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