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Hansel et Gretel - Grimm

Petit chaperon rouge - Grimm

roi - Grimm

stories for children

children from 2 to 5

Mother Goose Goes to School

A program specially designed for the littlest ones, ages 2 to 5. Stories, songs and rhymes to get little people clapping, giggling and clamouring for more!

children from 5 to 12

Tales from Near and Far

Travel the world and discover the stories and cultures of other peoples. Magic, wisdom and hilarious adventures await you! Good program for I Love to Read Week or literacy month.

Stories from the Middle-Ages

Castles and knights, dragons and princesses: these stories from the Middle-Ages create an enthralling tapestry of medieval times.

Under One Sun: A multi-cultural holiday season

Christmas, Hanukah, the Chinese New Year, the winter solstice and more: all over the world people are celebrating under the same sun. Let’s gather together and share the world’s stories!

Stories for Halloween

Ghosts, witches and things that go creak in the night…Be prepared to have chills run up and down your spine!

children 8 and up

Odysseus’ travels and other Greek myths

Odysseus and the sirens, Perseus and the Medusa, Pandora's box: these tales have been captivating children and adults alike for thousands of years.

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